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SellAnyHouse NYC Looking For Real Estate Consultants

Sell Any House Is In Need Of Outside Sales Representatives

Sell Any House is a leading innovator in providing simple, stress-free, and fast house selling process for many homeowners anywhere in Dallas, Houston, NYC, and L.A. With the growing number of areas to cover and property owners to serve, Sell Any House is in need of an Outside Sales Representative to help establish better client relationship and encourage repeat business. 


Primary Responsibilities
An Outside Sales Rep is responsible for surveying areas of interest, gather information to help build potential client list, discuss company offers to clients, educate potential client about the process, encourage new clients to use the company service, and promote and preserve the company image. 


Administrative Responsibilities
An Outside Sales Rep (OSP) drafts and finalizes the contracts for clients, oversees the overall transaction to ensure satisfactory experience for the client. The OSP is also responsible to resolve any problem the client may encounter and provide after sales care. 


Work Environment
Outside Sales Reps works both in the office and on the field. They set up appointments after clients make initial contact, and meet with clients on the appointed date, time, and place. 


Employment Benefits
This is a full time position. Average salary for a sales representative and commission for every sale are included in the employee benefits. More on benefits will be discussed upon hire. 


About the Company
Sell Any House is a team of real estate investors working together to help property owners who are struggling with an unwanted house or a property that they no longer need. The company offers realistic solutions and practical methods to make home selling a smooth and convenient experience. 

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Sell My House Because of Negative Equity In NYC


Negative Equity | Top 5 Ways To Rebuild Your Home Equity   


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Selling My House Because I’m Behind on Payments

What’s in store for anyone having issues with being behind on payments? Well, our latest blog post just talks about how to stand up when stuck with such situation. These images summarizes the blog content. ‘

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New Youtube Media for SellAnyHouse NYC

Sell Any House NYC is a real estate solutions and investment firm that buys burdensome houses in New York City.

We buy houses fast, in as little as five days. We buy NYC houses with a fair cash offer. If you’re looking to sell your house fast, we have a simple solution.

Sell Any House NYC helps local homeowners get cash for their homes. When time, real estate transaction fees, repairs, and buyers seem like too much to handle, we are your immediate solution.Our innovative and rapidly growing solution has helped thousands of home sellers get the deal done right away without having to shoulder large repair bills, exorbitant closing costs, or appraisal fee.

Home owners who have employed our services have since been living free of regret and have benefited from the cash-out fair market value for their property.

As stated above, many property owners have found this solution to be an effective alternative to the traditional real estate path without having to wait several weeks or months for a real estate agent to find a buyer willing to agree to your price.

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Bankruptcy | Handling The Emotional Stress With Confidence

Bankruptcy, in basic terms, indicates lack of ability to pay debts. Auto loan, small business loan, mortgages, as well as real estate tax are a few of the significant source of financial obligation for many Americans. 
It isn't really the absence of experience in handling finances or meaningless costs that triggers bankruptcy, it is the unanticipated monetary problem.  Reduced revenue earners that do not have the ability to take care of abrupt significant costs such as high clinical costs or expensive extensive repairs usually are up to this pit. 
Finding Applicable Ways To Manage The Emotional Toll 
The presence of home buying companies make this action a whole lot much easier as well as problem-free. SellAnyHouse NYC, the leading firm of a speedy transaction is offering homeowners a simple, stress-free process. Obtain an ensured reasonable cash-out for your house as soon as possible. 
The embarrassment one encounters when faced with bankruptcy does not just impact a single person, it's the whole household that endures the repercussions. Rather than going to court for Chapter 7 or 13 of the Bankruptcy Code, homeowners would instead choose to downsize their property. 
If your case has actually been submitted and is currently in progression, you have to face the psychological toll this unfortunate scenario will bring in. And assess which course of action will help manage the problem.  
The secret to enduring the emotional stress when facing bankruptcy is to accept what is happening, and do not contain unnecessary distress. The sorrow could be frustrating, but if you learn to accept it, recovery will follow. 
When you begin seeing the circumstance as a little bump on the road, you could concentrate much more on searching far better methods to solve the problem which does not entail losing your home. It will help you concentrate on the job that has to be done. 
No Blaming 
Do not pass the blame to others when your financial endeavors did not succeed. At some point, you had a part in it and blaming others will not solve anything. Don’t have ill feelings on the things that are out of your control. 
Utilize this possibility to reassess your concerns as well as think about an adjustment of your way of living.  
You do not have to transform, simply concentrate on things you have control over as well as do it appropriate following time. 
Emotional Support 
Are you in a state where you cannot choose whether to sell your Houston residence to finance your needs? Do you intend to prevent the house from being taken by the bank? SellAnyHouse NYC could have the best  solution for 
In NYC, we buy houses to promote awareness and offer helpful solutions to all who wish to come out of a stressful housing problem. For a speedy access to an available real estate consultant, visit our website anytime.  

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How To Quickly Sell My Inherited Property in NYC

You can benefit from an inherited property in so many different ways. Check out what can you do when you happen to inherit one in our most recent post. You can check Dailymotion for the short video about the post. 


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Fast Paced Real Estate Solutions Paired With Strategic Processes At SellAnyHouse NYC

A client oriented, results driven company launches a massive campaign to help homeowners with a quick house sale. Skilled real estate investors have eyes on improving homeowner experience through a faster and simpler home selling process in New York.

New York City, February, 2017 — Homeowners, real estate prospectors and land owners in the middle of a property sale can now transfer ownership with ease. SellAnyHouse.com, a competent and dependable house buying company, is now accessible 24/7 through its fully functional website.

SellAnyHouse.com offers trustworthy and quick methods to homeowners and property owners with an urgent need to sell a house anywhere in and around New York City without delay. Real estate investors with proven success in real estate buying and selling will lend a hand to help homeowners receive a fair cash-out when letting go of their properties.

Whether the owner is done dealing with a bad mortgage, a growing fear in the sudden rise of crime rate around the neighborhood, or settling to another town for a better living condition; SellAnyHouse.com has the right methods to resolve these housing problems. The company is known for its genuine concern for homeowners in financial challenges while providing effective and reliable solutions.

“With a valuable property sitting idly while there is an urgent need for money, I understand how a quick sale can provide relief,” says Alex Deal, Operations Manager for SellAnyHouse. “The concept we had in mind when putting up SellAnyHouse.com was to help homeowners in any way possible, without having to sacrifice precious time with their family.”

New York City homeowners and property owners lean on SellAnyHouse.com to effectively resolve their housing problems without fear of losing the chance in successfully closing a deal in a timely, stress-free transaction.

Qualified and expert real estate investors will talk to you once your basic information is provided online.

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About SellAnyHouse.com New York

SellAnyHouse.com is a real estate investment solutions firm that specializes in buying burdensome houses fast. SellAnyHouse.com believes selling your house should be simple and immediate, and strives to make that a reality; helping homeowners sell their homes fast by offering a fair all cash offer.

Find out more at their site: SellAnyHouse NYC

Press Contact

Name: Alex Deal


SellAnyHouse NYC

315 Madison Ave #3088

New York City, NY 10017


Email: NewYork@sellanyhouse.com

Site: www.sellanyhouse.com/press-release-new-york-city-ny/

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